Jun 30, 2021

I joined a website about 18 months ago. I call it a website because I’m not sure what else to call it. Basically, you join as a member and create a little space of your own where you can blog and post (I blogged about Christian spirituality), entertain comments, and get caught up in endless threads of back and forth between people who never understood my main point in the first place. 

And then there are those who always understand the point, and not only do they understand, they elaborate upon it in ways more beautiful and insightful than I could have in the first place. Maybe in the second place, but not in the first place. Ideas come in layers and there were a few other members … one called Lt. Columbo and another called Sir Flicker, who jumped on my layer and peeled it back, surfacing something more gorgeous just beneath. It sometimes took my breath away.

During my experience with this website thing, I learned two things.

First, most people don’t get my posts because they’re stuck at a different layer, one that frames their view on life, and one that they believe to be the only one that exists, or is right, or is in alignment with their experience … or whatever. I don’t disagree with them necessarily. I just like to invite people to go deeper, ask questions, see beyond the visible, search for soul truth and God truth and ponder things like the collective unconscious.

Yes, it is a lot to ask.

Second, unless I post consistently and reciprocate with comments on other posts (like those of Lt. Columbo and Sir Flicker), they will eventually lose interest and no longer comment or come to my defense when something I’ve written is misunderstood or criticized. Yes, it does get personal at times. This goes back to the first thing I learned.

Anyway, the last two times I posted, I heard nothing from my two former allies. I can’t say that I blame them. Life has been filled with loss and health scares and summer vacations and new projects. It takes a daily visit of an hour or so to stay involved with the website; time that I don’t have at the moment.

Why am I telling you this? I don’t know. I just need to write.

Early in my career, I had a great mentor who introduced me to the idea of “vantage point.” A vantage point is the perspective from which I perceive and interpret the meaning of something. And depending upon the vantage point of another person looking at the same thing, it’s likely they might describe and interpret it in a completely different way. Even though it’s the same thing, given vantage point, the perceived meaning and purpose of that thing changes. Within the context of my work back then, vantage point played a critical role in defining proper measures of what’s important at each layer of an organization.

This is a big problem with society at the moment. We’ve had a major shift in how vantage points are manifested. Big tech and social media have stripped us of our multiple vantage points and collapsed it into one huge, unwieldy, and misleading (fake) picture of reality. As a result, we’ve lost our societal thoughtfulness and substance, our capacity to behave with respect, love, and grace toward one another, and our curiosity about what is really true.  And I’m not talking about facts spewed out of the news organizations and social media used only as a means of furthering an agenda. I’m talking about questions of life, eternity, love, and purpose.

This brings me to Russell.

But first, (sorry) let me tell you that my husband and I subscribed to Ben Shapiro’s podcast a long while back. My husband really likes it, which is the only reason I continue to spend the $10 a month for him to have super-duper access to the backstage content. I listened for a while before things became so ugly, but I always felt frustrated by his obsession with the politics of it all. It was as if he thought if he kept his brain on high, he would prove he was smart enough to come up with solutions in the form of policy and new legislation. Once things got ugly around the end of 2019, I couldn’t take it anymore and stopped listening to him. Yes, he’s a smart guy. But I only get anxious and fretful by what he has to say (given his narrow vantage point).

So, last Sunday Ben did a podcast interview with Russell Brand. Strange as it may sound, Russell is one of my people. He shares my vantage point. We live on the same plain of spirituality and philosophical thought, and we know that love is the answer … the practical manifestations of sacrificial love that release miraculous healings of our collective brokenness, and how it’s only through humility that we might see how much we are loved by God … and all of the “make us whole” implications of that thereof.

Russell was thoughtful, articulate, and compelling. He is extremely smart. Extremely. His brilliant mind and rich language painted beautiful pictures about many things, including the importance of suffering, recovery, and humility… and how having purpose is essential to life.

And then Ben would say something, “But what policies need to be put into place to bring us together?”

Russell would try again, but Ben wasn’t having any of it. Ben is stuck in his vantage point. And Russell was the only one who understood what was going on in that interview. He repeatedly said, “We would disagree on many things …”

And then Ben would say, “I agree with everything you just said. So what policies need to be put in place to …”

And so, it went.

What Russell was trying to say is this:

If we all look higher, lift our vantage point perspective to the One Who is of the Highest and Most Holy Good, none of these on-earth disagreements, policy agendas, power plays, etc.  will have the power to destroy us from within, because, at the end of the day, they don’t matter more than love. And they will never have more power than love.

Jesus already made sure of that.

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