How does a driven IT project manager transition away from adrenaline fueled work weeks to days of quiet reflection on the patio?

Follow along with her as she begins to explore her new life of uncertainty wrapped in hope.

Following, the third volume in The Chronicles of Formation series, tells of the ever-changing and often terrifying spiritual ebbs and flows of an armored-up woman who has decided to surrender all of her wounds, fears, and self-centeredness to God in trade for His best.

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About the Series

Imagine spending decades driving toward success, enjoying all the goodies along the way, only to one day realize “This isn’t it.”

The Chronicles of Formation is a series of four books capturing the sometimes inconvenient and often humorous journey of a woman awakening to God’s call, leaving an entangling life, following after Him, and abiding in the relationship.

Compiled from a series of blog posts she wrote during the seasons of change, each short chapter makes for a gripping read that will feed your soul and remind you that you’re not alone.