What happens when you wake up and wonder if you’re on the right path? And it’s a path you’ve been paving on purpose?

Are you willing to wake up to reality? One driven woman did just that. Read “Awakening” and take a journey that will make you laugh, think, and pray.

Awakening, the first volume in The Chronicles of Formation series, captures the challenges of a perfectionistic, image conscious, and controlling career woman who carries the haunting pain of a crushingly painful father relationship, and the daily awareness of God’s extraordinary love for her through her special needs daughter.

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About the Series

Imagine spending decades driving toward success, enjoying all the goodies along the way, only to one day realize “This isn’t it.”

The Chronicles of Formation is a series of four books capturing the sometimes inconvenient and often humorous journey of a woman awakening to God’s call, leaving an entangling life, following after Him, and abiding in the relationship.

Compiled from a series of blog posts she wrote during the seasons of change, each short chapter makes for a gripping read that will feed your soul and remind you that you’re not alone.