Shannon Kuzmich writes about her life as a recovering self-absorbed performance addict trying her hardest to follow after Christ. Which is clearly an oxymoron, but not for her.

This is one of her favorite quotes:

Come, simple souls, you who have no feeling of devotion, no talent, not even the first elements of instruction—you who cannot understand a single spiritual term, who stand astonished at the eloquence of the learned whom you admire; come, and I will teach you a secret which will place you far beyond these clever minds. I will make perfection so easy you will find it everywhere and in every-thing. I will unite you to God, and He will hold you by the hand from the moment you begin to practice what I tell you. Come, not to learn the map of this spiritual country, but to possess it, to walk in it at your ease without fear of losing your way. Come, not to study the theory of God’s grace, or to learn what it has done in the past and is still doing, but simply to be open yourself to what it can do. You do not need to know what it has said to others, or repeat words intended only for them which you have overheard. His grace will speak to you, yourself, what is best for you.

Jean-Pierre de Caussade


Email: info@Godlovingwoman.com

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