A Day Late and Two Bucks Short

Photo Credit: bvpicsam Flickr via Compfight cc

Believe it or not, I’ve been thinking about blogging for the past three days, so I think that counts as a daily activity. Just because I don’t actually post doesn’t mean I’m not blogging every day, right?

I know this doesn’t sound like me, but I’m trying out a new self-improvement program that involves allowances, permissions, and Mulligans. You see, the void in my schedule caused by having to w a i t for my blue-haired developmental editor Elisabeth to do her thing has thrown me off my rhythm. You know what they say…if you want something done, give it to a busy person! It’s true, which is why I’m out of whack right now. Once I finished the revisions to the book (adding 25,000 words, thank you very much), I rested for two days, snapped out of it, and endeavored to create a very thoughtful and strategic to do list.

The problem is this: I’m not sure what to do right now. It’s exactly 79 days until Rescuing Christina is scheduled for launch on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and iTunes. In fact, it’s already available for preorder on iTunes, and Barnes and Noble (in case you wanted to know). The lull between having finished my stuff and my editors finishing their stuff leaves me wondering how best to use what seems like way too much discretionary time.

Today I Skyped with my friend Sarah, the writer and soon to be licensed psychologist who lives in Australia. As always, a great chat about “Uni”, cruizee’s, and all the stuff you can and should do when it comes to launching a book. We’re both in the same boat, and you know what they say about misery, except neither of us is miserable. But we like company; it’s good to get with a fellow writer and talk shop once in a while. It makes me feel like a normal person and maybe not everyone has misplaced their brain at the last weigh station (see previous blog post The People Problem).

Anyway, one of the topics was whether I should enroll in a marketing course for authors being offered by one of the most successful indie authors in the world (and all around nice guy) Mark Dawson. It’s pretty pricey.

So this morning I prayed for guidance.

And for the rest of the day I thought about all the things for which I wouldn’t think twice about spending the same amount of money, none offering even a whisper of a false promise for return on investment that Mark’s course would certainly provide. I also thought I might kick myself later if I stopped short of spending a few hundred dollars and then it turns out the course would have made all the difference. After all, I left my profession, upended my family’s life, and gave up clothes shopping so that I could write this book and by gosh, I better do all I can to make it the best book ev-uh.


So despite what happened the last time I asked for a little divine direction (when the county Tax Collectors counter clerk delivered a clear answer from the Almighty), nothing like that happened today.

Sometimes God just expects me to use my head.

I signed up for the course, coming close to backing out when my debit card was declined (something about an unknown company in a foreign country trying to access my account), so I went to the worst resort: an actual credit card (oh, pain in my chest!).

I once heard that when God calls you to do something, He provides all that you need to do it. I hope that means there will be an extra $650 in the checking account when the credit card bill arrives next month.