The Final Book is Out! — Shannon Kuzmich

A day before I was forced to relinquish all control to a group of strangers equipped with strong drugs and velcro-empowered straps, I hit the “publish” button for Abiding, the last book in the series The Chronicles of Formation. Even though I pressed the button on the 17th, the book wouldn’t become available until after […]

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2 thoughts on “The Final Book is Out! — Shannon Kuzmich

  1. And I sure went right out and finished the collection. woo hoo! Congrats. Although I’ve read 1 and 2, I’m looking forward to reading the whole series with my wife. We cherish the fact that we must be broken, as well as fixed, by God. I’m reminded of Paul writing: For I am sure that He who began the good work in you will perfect it until that one fine day of the coming of Jesus the Christ.


    • Wow…thank you Gralan. You have been a great encouragement to me as I swim upstream on all of this. He is so faithful even if His ways remain a mystery to me. I love mysteries! Bless you and your wife. I hope you enjoy the books.


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